Mia Davies Address in Reply - 40th WA Parliament

The time to deliver my Address in Reply to the 40th WA Parliament came on 24 May 2017. 

I took the opportunity to outline The Nationals' parliamentary and policy directions and our plan to stick by our 2017 election platform of making the state's two biggest iron ore miners pay their fair share.

A retrospective look at the election performance of The Nationals WA was brought to the attention of the House, where our party only lost 381 votes compared to the previous State Election. We held our own in the face of a considerable swing against the previous government, something my colleagues and I are extremely proud of. 

It was also a time to thank former Nationals WA Members Terry "Tuck" Waldron, Wendy Duncan and Dave Grills for their service to the people of regional Western Australia, the Parliament and the party.

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