• 1 Shire of Beverley
  • 2 Shire of Boddington
  • 3 Shire of Brookton
  • 4 Shire of Bruce Rock
  • 5 Shire of Corrigin
  • 6 Shire of Cunderdin
  • 7 Shire of Dowerin
  • 8 Shire of Goomalling
  • 9 Shire of Kellerberrin
  • 10 Shire of Kondinin
  • 11 Shire of Koorda
  • 12 Shire of Mount Marshall
  • 13 Shire of Merredin
  • 14 Shire of Mukinbudin
  • 15 Shire of Narembeen
  • 16 Shire of Northam
  • 17 Shire of Nungarin
  • 18 Shire of Pingelly
  • 19 Shire of Quairading
  • 20 Shire of Tammin
  • 21 Shire of Trayning
  • 22 Shire of Westonia
  • 23 Shire of Wongan-Ballidu
  • 24 Shire of Wyalkatchem
  • 25 Shire of Yilgarn
  • 26 Shire of Wandering
  • 27 Shire of York


Deriving its name from the vast central wheatbelt of Western Australia, the electorate stretches along the Great Eastern Highway from Wundowie and Northam in the west to Southern Cross in the east.

It runs from Ballidu and Beacon in the north to Boddington, Wandering, Corrigin and Hyden in the south. Major centres include Boddington, Brookton, Corrigin, Cunderdin, Kellerberrin, Merredin, Northam, Quairading, Wandering, Wongan Hills, Wundowie and York.

A change in electoral boundaries in 2015, which came into effect for the March 11, 2017 election, saw the Shires of Yilgarn, Westonia, Boddington, Wandering and Pingelly join Central Wheatbelt. It now covers 101,240 square kilometres. For a full list of shires in covered by the Central Wheatbelt electorate visit the WA Parliament website.



Central Wheatbelt was first contested at the 2008 election, created on the introduction of one-vote one-value boundaries by the amalgamation of the electorates of Avon and Merredin.

Mia went on to return a two party preferred vote of 72.6 per cent at the 2017 election and a 2.6 per cent swing towards her in first preferences.

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