Gold Royalty Matter of Public Interest

When the Labor Government used the State Budget to announce a proposed gold royalty hike, it became clear Mark McGowan was elected on a lie. 

Within less than five months of being elected it had raised household fees and charges, planned to impose a damaging royalty hike on the gold sector and raided Royalties for Regions to pay for its Perth election promises. 

Although my motion moved as a matter of public interest was defeated in the Parliament, industry's furious response to the proposed tax put heat on the State Government and they backed away from their underwhelming plan. Earlier in the day members of the gold sector rallied at Parliament House in their hundreds to voice their opposition to Labor's plan.  

The preposterous idea was even more ironic given that in 2014 Mark McGowan and many of his colleagues joined a campaign against a royalty hike proposed by the Liberals.

It was a big win for the sector, which does not need the impost of a royalty rate hike on their already slim operating margins.  

To read the full debate from Hansard click here.

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