McGowan labels CRC employees “hacks” in shocking and offensive outburst

The ignorance of Mark McGowan has again been laid bare after the Premier labelled Community Resource Centre employees “hacks” who did not earn their position.

The Premier’s comments came after The Nationals questioned his Government’s decision to spend $38,000 of taxpayer money on a report which concluded that CRCs were vital community infrastructure in regional WA.

“We do want to move away from the model the National Party had when they just put National Party hacks and friends into CRCs,” the Premier said on Wednesday afternoon.

“You give a mate a job, you give a friend a job, you give the branch president’s husband or wife a job in the CRC. That was the National Party model. We’re going to move away from it being National Party placement zones.”

The Nationals WA Leader Mia Davies said she was shocked and appalled at the Premier’s unsubstantiated outburst.

She demanded an apology on behalf of the hundreds of CRC employees across the State.

“A few months ago the Premier caused great offence when he told Parliament that CRCs were redundant because everyone in the bush had a smartphone – now he has gone even further,” Ms Davies said.

“Not only did the Premier label the hardworking and dedicated staff of our 105 Community Resource Centres ‘hacks’, he has insinuated that they had not secured their employment on merit alone. 

“The Premier should apologise for these hurtful and offensive comments.

“As a Leader of the State he should know better.”

Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan later refused to back the Premier’s comments.

“As Minister responsible for our regional communities I am calling on the Minister to denounce the Premier’s dreadful comments,” Ms Davies said.

“This is Ms MacTiernan’s chance to show regional communities she cares.

“Ever since this Labor Government came to power CRCs and regional communities at large have been under constant attack – whether it be verbal barbs or funding cuts, it’s clear that Labor hates the bush.”

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