GST fix will require political courage

Western Australia’s GST mess will not be resolved until the McGowan Government persuades its Labor comrades in Canberra to commit to a solution.

Mines Minister goes walkabout as Labor revives gold royalty grab

The Nationals remain committed to protecting jobs in the gold sector and will oppose the McGowan Government’s latest attempt to slap a new tax on the industry.

Cracks emerge in McGowan Government over mining levy

Cracks have emerged in the McGowan Government over a proposal put forward by Sport Minister Mick Murray to introduce a new tax on Pilbara mining companies.

Labor must rule out any cut to mining exploration scheme

The McGowan Government must immediately rule out axing the Exploration Incentive Scheme or further risk damaging confidence in Western Australia’s mining sector. 

Transparency wiped off the map as Labor tries to mask regional cuts

Labor’s crusade against Royalties for Regions has escalated after the McGowan Government torpedoed an interactive map allowing regional Western Australians to view where investment was being targeted.

Labor’s gold royalty heist arrested by The Nationals

The Nationals have put an end to Labor’s vendetta against WA’s gold sector by disallowing the McGowan Government’s royalty hike in the State Parliament.

McGowan must block bid for new FIFO camp in Karratha

The McGowan Government must reject Woodside’s proposal to build a new 700-bed fly-in, fly-out camp in Karratha after the local council unanimously opposed the bid.

McGowan cuts to CRCs trigger grassroots community campaign

Confirmation of cuts to the State’s CRC Network in the McGowan Government’s first budget has triggered a grassroots campaign to demonstrate the value and importance of CRC services to regional communities. Support our CRCs was...

McGowan Government slashes boarding allowance for regional kids

The McGowan Government has again shown its ignorance for the challenges faced by regional WA families by slashing the Boarding Away from Home Allowance (BAHA).

Water policy dries up under McGowan Government’s watch

The McGowan Government has revealed its complete disregard for water issues faced by regional communities trying to adapt to an ever-drying climate.
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