Mining legacy State Agreements motion

The Nationals WA Leader Mia Davies moved a motion to refer outdated mining State Agreements to the Economics and Industry Standing Committee on 6 September 2017. The terms of reference I moved were:

That this house refers to the Economics and Industry Standing Committee an inquiry into mining legacy state agreements struck prior to 1970, with the terms of reference including but not limited to —

(a) the nature of past and current commitments and responsibilities between the companies
and the state;
(b) whether current commitments and responsibilities are contemporary in the context of
modern state agreements, mining practices and topical issues such as environmental
(c) whether the agreements still represent a fair deal for the people of Western Australia as
the owners of the resource;
(d) the impact of sovereign risk, should it be in the interests of the state to instigate changes
to state agreements; and
(e) the nature of any residual value-adding commitments in the state agreements and by
extension assurances to the people of WA that such commitments are honoured.

Colleagues Terry Redman and Vince Catania contributed to the debate, making strong points about why the antiquated agreements need to be subject to an inquiry in the the name of modernising them.

For full Hansard debate of the motion click here.

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