Nats team to spend three days in the Pilbara as part of Regional Cabinet meeting

Starting Sunday, Leader Mia Davies and the entire Nationals WA team will spend three days in the Pilbara as part of the Party’s Regional Cabinet series.

Ms Davies said the team would hold community engagement forums and meetings in Karratha, Dampier, Roebourne, Port and South Hedland.

“I look forward to bringing the entire Nationals team to the Pilbara for the latest instalment in our Regional Cabinet series,” Ms Davies said.

“So far this year we have held regional Cabinet meetings in Albany, Carnarvon, Shark Bay and Moora.

“These visits allow our team of nine - who each have shadow portfolio responsibilities - to meet face-to-face with key stakeholders, local businesses and community organisations.”

As the only party solely dedicated to regional Western Australia, Ms Davies said The Nationals considered it a top priority to engage with communities that felt ostracised and forgotten by the city-centric major parties.

“It is important for the people of the Pilbara to be heard and know there is a party fighting for them,” Ms Davies said.

"The meetings and conversations we have in the coming days will help shape our policies moving forward as we charge towards the 2021 election.

“The Pilbara is an economic powerhouse unrivalled across the nation. The Nationals want to ensure that the regions which generate our State's wealth are not left behind when it comes to securing the infrastructure and investment they deserve." 

The Nationals Karratha-based Deputy Leader Jacqui Boydell said the schedule for the Pilbara Cabinet meeting was full and the team was ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. 

"As The Nationals sole parliamentary representative in the Pilbara I am thrilled to have Mia and the entire team come to the region for three days,” she said.

"In the four years that The Nationals held the seat of Pilbara the region was the recipient of unprecedented investment via our flagship Royalties for Regions program and Pilbara Cities. 

"The Nationals consider the Pilbara a high priority seat leading into the 2021 election and we will be doing everything in our power to ensure the region gets the chance to send a quality Nationals candidate to State Parliament and advocate on behalf of the community.

“At present, the Pilbara is suffering from having a local Labor MP who is asleep at the wheel and disinterested, evidenced by his recent comments that no-one would want to live in Karratha if they didn't work for a mining company."

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