Regional Students Matter

Don't let the McGowan Government strip BAHA funding

The Regional Students Matter campaign is sending a loud message to the McGowan Government that cuts to the Boarding Away From Home Allowance (BAHA) are cruel and unfair.

These cuts will significantly impede the ability of regional and remote students to complete their schooling, place undue financial pressure on families and force people to move to access secondary education.

There are currently more than 1,500 regional families eligible for BAHA payments as no appropriate schooling option exists in their local community or education catchment area.

Without appropriate schooling options, regional families have to face the emotional and expensive decision of relocating the entire family or sending a child away for their education.

Unlike the McGowan Government, The Nationals understand how important BAHA payments are to regional families who face difficulty in accessing education. When The Nationals were in Government, we increased BAHA payments by $785 to $2,105 per student.

The McGowan Government has chosen to cut payments by $628 per student, despite rising educational and boarding costs. We believe regional students should have the same education opportunities as metropolitan students.

To join the campaign, download the petition, fill in your details and return to us by 30 November 2017.

Don’t forget to post a photo on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag BAHA and #RegionalStudentsMatter!


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