Protecting our Agricultural Colleges

Agricultural education in WA is at risk

As part of its sweeping, unconsidered and ill-conceived regional education cuts, the McGowan Labor Government wants to take 20 per cent of the Agricultural Education Farm Provisions Trust each year and return it to consolidated revenue.

The Trust is used to fund farm fleet vehicles, plant, machinery, licensing and insurance for vehicles and machinery, maintenance of infrastructure, fencing and other recurrent costs associated with education delivery at five WA Colleges of Agriculture, Esperance Senior High School Farm Training Centre and 10 other public schools.

Our five WA Colleges of Agriculture at Denmark, Harvey, Narrogin, Cunderdin, Morawa and Esperance Senior High School Farm Training Centre contribute 40 per cent of their on-farm revenue to the Trust. Between 2001-02 and 2016-17 the Trust allocated $8.4 million to contributing colleges and in the last decade an additional $853,000 to non-contributing schools.

That's almost $9.5 million generated on-farm to deliver education without spending taxpayer dollars.

The Trust is a vital tool supporting the delivery of agricultural education in Western Australia and has been successfully operating since the 1980s. Taking a significant portion of the Trust each year will put the self-sustainability of our WA Colleges of Agriculture at risk and further diminish agricultural awareness in the wider community. 

Please help us change the Government's reckless decision to skim 20 per cent of the Trust annually by downloading, signing and returning the petition below.


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