Regional Students Still Matter

Don't let the McGowan Government continue its attack on regional education

The Regional Students Matter campaign has fired up again, calling on all of regional WA to send a strong message to the McGowan Government that this latest suite of attacks to regional education is not acceptable.

There has been a groundswell of anger from regional WA about the closure of five Schools of The Air, five camp schools as well as the closure of Moora and Northam Residential Colleges. This is in addition to cuts to BAHA and massive cuts to regional Aboriginal education and liaison officer positions living and working in regional communities.

We say no to closures! Unlike the McGowan Labor Government, The Nationals understand these closures will have a major impact on students, families, towns and communities, costing local jobs and forcing families to relocate in order to access education.

It is clear the city-centric McGowan Labor Government does not care about regional WA. This latest round of attacks are yet another example of vital regional services being targeted so the State Government can fund Perth-based election promises - like Metronet and a new inner city college - not pay down State debt.

To "say no to closures" join the campaign by downloading the petition (click the button below), fill in your details and return to us by 28 February 2018.


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