Time for Labor to back Karratha community

The Nationals WA have called on the McGowan Government to back the City of Karratha in its fight to secure a palatable outcome for the community over the proposed Bay Village FIFO camp. 

Under questioning from Leader Mia Davies in Parliament this week, Premier Mark McGowan refused to endorse the City of Karratha’s 14 conditions for the new 700-bed camp.

“Woodside’s objection to three of the conditions – including a 10-year lease and the stipulation that only Woodside employees and direct contractors be allowed to stay at the Bay Village – was dismissed by the Kimberley/Pilbara/Gascoyne Joint Development Assessment Panel on Tuesday,” Ms Davies said.

“I welcome the JDAP decision but it appears the Premier does not. He was given the chance to publicly endorse the City of Karratha’s conditions but refused.

“His tune has changed markedly since announcing in June that Bay Village would only be used for Woodside employees and contractors.

“It’s yet another example of Mr McGowan’s duplicity and his deep disdain for the Karratha community.”

On local radio this morning, Pilbara MP Kevin Michel admitted he had not read the City of Karratha’s conditions of support for Bay Village.

Member for Mining and Pastoral Jacqui Boydell said she was appalled that Mr Michel could be so clueless on a key local issue.

“Kevin Michel has not bothered to familiarise himself with the 14 conditions the City of Karratha has laid out for the Bay Village camp,” Ms Boydell said.

“These conditions have been public for a month yet the local member has no clue what the council has outlined as the community’s key priorities.”

Ms Boydell also slammed Mr Michel over his comment that no one moves to Karratha unless they have a job in the resources industry.

“Mr Michel needs to get out of Perth and have a look around. Karratha is a magnificent community with amenity rivalling any other regional city in Australia,” she said.  “The Nationals, while in Government, invested hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure Karratha has the infrastructure necessary for families to want to move and permanently settle in the Pilbara.

“We are constantly reminded of the fruits of The Nationals’ investment, even recently with the opening of the magnificent Red Earth Arts Precinct and the Karratha Health Campus.

“This is a strong community and one to be proud of. To have the local member talk it down in such a derogatory manner is, frankly, disgusting.”

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